We are leading in emerging markets

The platform unites technology and the challenges to be used by smart cities and customers​

• Artificial intelligence
• Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
• Blockchain as a Service
• Predictive Analytics
• Augmented Analytics
• Digital Twin / Modelchecker
• Machine Learning/Deep Learning
• GIS/Mapping Technologies
• API Platform

Demand and Responsibility

  • Ethical use of KI
  • Open standards
  • Protection of property (IP)
  • Safe data
  • RXSK Inititative
  • Data protection standards
  • Quality testing for ISVs
  • Result based data exchange
  • Data minimization
  • Standards for the use of interfaces

2017 we were invited by Microsoft to introduce the RXSK platform at the worldwide partner conference in front of a 40.000 people audience


We benefit from over 25 years of experience from more than 100 fire prevention and ensafety engineers, both in appliance as well as research.


We have access to an international network of partners, whose business applications are seamlessly integrated into RXSK


We use the latest technology and easily scalable processes, all based on internationaly accredited standards